Should I sell my investment property? Here are 6 signs to sell

Selling your investment property can be a tempting proposition, but it’s crucial to make a well-informed decision. It’s not just about finding the perfect moment to list it – you need a strategic plan that aligns with your long-term financial goals. So, before you put up the “for sale” sign, let’s talk about some key factors to consider.

Understanding market conditions

First things first, get clear on your financial objectives. Are you looking for a quick cash infusion or aiming to maximize your long-term returns on the investment? Knowing your end goal will help you decide if selling now makes sense for your overall financial picture.

Secondly, the real estate market can be unpredictable, influenced by a complex mix of things. The overall health of the economy, interest rates, and even population trends can all play a role. For instance, some parts of Australia have recently seen property values climb by around 7% a year, which is a positive sign. However, interest rates can affect how affordable it is for people to buy houses, which can in turn impact prices. So, staying informed about what’s happening in the market is important.

Thirdly, economic factors like unemployment rates and how well the economy is doing as a whole can also give you valuable clues. Generally, a strong economy with low unemployment and confident consumers tends to mean more people are looking to buy houses, which can drive prices up.

Evaluating personal circumstances

Your own circumstances should play a big role in whether or not you list it now.

Maybe you’re thinking about retirement or moving to part-time work. This could mean a dip in your income, making it trickier to manage property-related expenses. Especially if your property isn’t bringing in enough rent to cover those costs, it might be time to sell and free up some cash. Similar situations can arise with family changes. If you need a bigger home for a growing family or need to relocate for a job, your investment property might not fit your needs anymore.

Let’s be honest, finances are a big part of the decision. If your investment property isn’t generating a positive cash flow – that means the expenses outweigh the income from rent – it can become a financial burden. You’re constantly paying for mortgages, maintenance, and taxes, but not seeing much return. In this situation, selling the property might be the best option, especially if there’s no chance of the rental income improving soon.

So when is the time to sell?

Peaking property values in the area

If you’re in an area where property values have been skyrocketing, selling during this peak can be a golden opportunity. This ensures you get the most money for your property, maximizing your return on investment.  

Unsustainable maintenance costs

As properties age, they tend to need more repairs and maintenance. If these costs are constantly eating away at your rental income, it might be a sign to sell. Imagine a scenario where the upkeep costs more than the rent you bring in that’s not a sustainable situation! Sometimes, selling is the most financially sound decision.

More lucrative investment opportunities

The real estate market is constantly changing, and sometimes, better investment opportunities pop up. Maybe you discover a property with a higher potential return, or perhaps your investment goals have shifted. If you find a more lucrative opportunity, selling your current property and reallocating those funds can boost your overall portfolio’s performance.

Shifts in personal or financial circumstances

Life throws curveballs sometimes. Maybe you’re approaching retirement, there’s a change in your job, or your family situation has evolved. These personal shifts can impact your ability to manage an investment property effectively. If being a landlord no longer fits your lifestyle or requires more time and attention than you can give, selling can free up resources and ease the burden.

Market forecasts predict a downturn

Ever heard the saying “buy low, sell high”? It applies to real estate too. If experts are predicting a slump in the market where your property is located, selling before the decline can help you avoid potential losses. Staying informed about market trends and economic forecasts is crucial for making proactive decisions.

Regulatory or tax changes

Sometimes, government regulations or changes in tax laws can affect the profitability of owning an investment property. For instance, a hike in property taxes or stricter rental regulations could mean less money in your pocket. If these changes make the investment less attractive financially, selling before they significantly impact your returns might be wise.
These are just some of the reasons why selling your investment property might be the right move. But selling involves more than just the sale price – there are some costs that can affect your overall profit.
Investment Property

Financial implications of selling

Selling an investment property involves several financial considerations that can impact the overall profitability of the transaction:

Taxes to remember

The government wants its cut! When you sell your property, you’ll likely owe capital gains tax on the profit you make. This tax can be a big chunk of change, depending on how much the property has gone up in value and how long you’ve owned it. The good news? In many areas, if you’ve held onto the property for more than a year, you might qualify for a discount on your capital gains tax, sometimes up to 50%.

Selling costs add up

Selling a property isn’t free. There are agent fees, legal fees, and marketing expenses to factor in. Agent commissions can range from 2% to 5% of the sale price, and those legal and marketing fees can add up too. These costs can eat into your profits, so be sure to factor them in when calculating your bottom line.

Timing is key

Don’t rush into a sale just because you have a buyer lined up. Selling too early could mean missing out on potential future growth in the property’s value. On the other hand, if the market is down, you might end up selling for less than you’d hoped. The ideal scenario is to sell when the market is strong and align the sale with your broader financial plans. Whatever your reason, make sure the timing makes sense for your overall financial picture.

Preparing to sell

To maximize returns when selling your property, it’s crucial to present it in the best possible light. Here are practical steps to prepare your property for sale:

Minor renovations and repairs

A little TLC can go a long way. Consider some minor repairs and cost-effective improvements like a fresh coat of paint or updating outdated fixtures. Make sure everything is in good working order, from the plumbing to the electrical system. By giving your property a little refresh, it’ll be more appealing to a wider range of potential buyers.

Staging the property

You want the presentation to be perfect! Staging involves arranging furniture and décor to showcase the potential and functionality of your space. The goal is to help buyers imagine themselves living there, which can lead to a quicker sale and potentially higher offers. You can either hire professional stagers or tackle it yourself. Decluttering, rearranging furniture, and adding some tasteful décor can make a big difference.

Choosing the right time to sell

In most areas, spring and early summer are golden. The weather is nice, making the property look its best, and more buyers are out actively searching. Do some research on your local market trends to identify when buyer demand is high and there are fewer properties for sale. This will increase your chances of getting a good offer.

Selecting a skilled real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is key! Look for someone with a proven track record in your area, especially experience selling properties similar to yours. Interview a few agents to get a sense of their market knowledge, negotiation skills, and marketing strategies. A good agent will have a clear plan for listing your property, marketing it effectively (including online tools!), and coordinating open houses to get maximum exposure.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to selling your investment property for a top price. If you have doubts regarding selling your property, there are few things you can consider.



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Alternatives to selling

Selling isn’t always the best or only option. Here are alternatives that might align better with your financial goals or market conditions:


Maybe interest rates have dropped significantly, or you’ve improved your credit score. Refinancing your mortgage could mean lower monthly payments or even accessing some of the equity you’ve built up in the property. This can be especially attractive if the rent you collect covers the new mortgage payments, turning your property into a more sustainable long-term investment.

Renting out the property

If the market isn’t in your favor for selling, renting out your property can be a smart alternative. This provides a steady stream of income and allows the property value to potentially appreciate over time. The key here is to make sure the rent you receive covers all the expenses – mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and any property management fees you might incur.

Renovating to increase value

Sometimes, a strategic renovation can significantly boost both the value of your property and the rent you can charge. Think about improvements that enhance the appeal and functionality of the space, like remodeling the kitchen, updating bathrooms, or adding energy-efficient features. These upgrades can make your property more attractive to potential tenants and future buyers down the line.

Adjusting investment strategy

Let’s say the property isn’t quite meeting your investment expectations. Before you jump ship, consider if holding onto it and making some improvements aligns with your long-term financial goals. Sometimes, riding out a down market and strategically improving your property can yield better returns in the future than selling at a loss.


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best course of action depends on your financial situation, the current market conditions, and your long-term investment goals. Talking to financial advisors and real estate professionals like the Investor’s Agency can give you valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

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