How do infrastructure developments determine the success of your property investment?

Ever wondered how a new subway line or a state-of-the-art hospital can impact property values?

The truth is, that infrastructure plays a huge role in real estate.

A neighborhood getting a brand new train station suddenly becomes more accessible, convenient, and attractive to live in. People might be more willing to pay a premium to live there.

That’s the power of infrastructure – it can transform entire communities.

It’s also not just about convenience. New infrastructure, like schools or upgraded utilities, can also boost the local economy.

Better schools might attract families, which can lead to more businesses and job creation. This overall growth can then push property values even higher.

So, how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

For that, we have to understand the link between infrastructure and real estate.

Understanding the impact of infrastructure on property values

Have you ever wondered why some houses seem to hold their value better than others?

The truth is, the area a house sits in plays a huge role in its worth. And guess what significantly impacts an area? Infrastructure development!

Think about it. When a new highway bypasses traffic jams or a new subway station cuts down commute times, suddenly a whole neighbourhood becomes more desirable. 

That’s because infrastructure – things like roads, bridges, public transport, and utilities – has a ripple effect on our lives.

If a town suddenly gets picked for a brand new airport, it’s not just a place to catch flights anymore. It is an attractive point for new businesses.

More companies means more jobs, which means more people moving in. This creates a demand for houses, and before you know it, property values are on the rise. 

Living close to public transportation isn’t just convenient, it’s valuable. No more fighting traffic! Studies show that homes near subway stations can see a value jump of 10% to 20% compared to similar houses further out. That’s a pretty big boost, just for having an easy commute!

Improving how we connect and move around, creates a domino effect that benefits everyone from businesses to homeowners. 

So, the next time you see a construction project in your neighbourhood, remember – it might just be the key to an even stronger community down the line.

property investment infrastructure developments

Key infrastructure developments to focus on in property investment

The roads, schools, hospitals, and even parks in an area can seriously impact your investment’s potential. 


Think about your daily commute. Traffic jams can eat into precious time and patience. But living in an area where a brand new freeway cuts your travel time in half, suddenly, that neighborhood becomes a whole lot more appealing, right? 

That’s exactly what happens when transportation infrastructure gets a boost. 

New roads, expanded airports, or improved public transport can significantly increase accessibility, making an area a magnet for residents. This rise in desirability often translates to a jump in property values – we’re talking potential increases of 15-20% just from better connectivity!


The establishment of a new university campus can completely transform a local economy. Thousands of students and staff suddenly need a place to live, eat, and shop. This surge in demand can lead to a real estate boom, with both property values and rental rates experiencing a healthy bump. 

A recent example: a brand new university campus led to a 25% increase in housing demand within just two years, putting a smile on the faces of local investors.


Good healthcare facilities aren’t just about keeping us healthy; they’re also good for property values. 

Expanding hospitals and clinics creates jobs, which boosts the purchasing power of the local population. 

This creates a ripple effect, making the entire area more attractive. 

Recreation and lifestyle

We all want to live in a place that feels good. Parks, sporting venues, and shopping centres are more than just amenities. When these lifestyle hubs pop up in an area, it becomes a more desirable place to put down roots. 

Take, for instance, the opening of a new shopping centre in a previously underserved area. This can lead to a 5-8% increase in surrounding property values within the first year. Why? Because people are willing to pay more to live in a place that offers a great quality of life.

But these projects are always ongoing and we don’t really know when is the right window to make an investment. So at which stage of a project should we invest in a property?

Investing before a project starts

Once construction begins, property values could take off like a jet! That’s the potential of being an early bird. Early purchases often mean lower prices, maximizing your return on investment.

But there’s a catch. These projects can be delayed or even cancelled altogether. Your dream airport might never materialize, leaving you with a property that might not appreciate as much as you’d hoped.

You buy land earmarked for a new station. Construction could send values soaring, but there’s also a risk the project gets scrapped, leaving you with a less valuable plot.

Investing during the construction phase

By the time construction is underway, things get a bit more certain. You can see the project happening, reducing some of the pre-construction jitters.

But construction isn’t exactly a picnic. Dust, noise, and disruption can make the area less appealing for short-term renters. This could affect your rental income if you’re planning to rent out the property, but the long-term value of the property is likely to increase once the project is complete.

Investing after project completion

This is the safest time to invest. The infrastructure is up and running, and the surrounding area is already enjoying the benefits. Property values will likely have gone up, but at least you know what you’re getting.

The biggest trade-off? You might end up paying more. Property prices would have likely already increased in anticipation of the completed project.

So it is important to know which project will become active and how likely it will be completed, which ultimately will boost your property value. 



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How do we find out about these upcoming projects before everyone else?

Government websites

Federal and state government departments often publish press releases, future project plans, and budget allocations that detail planned infrastructure developments. 

For instance, the Australian Department of Infrastructure practically lays out a roadmap for future investments across the country in its annual reports and plans. 

Keep an eye on these resources – they could be the key to finding the next big neighbourhood on the rise!

Local knowledge is power

Don’t underestimate the power of your local government websites. They often include detailed planning documents and development applications. These might sound dry, but trust us – they’re invaluable for understanding the scope and potential impact of proposed projects on property values in your area.

The Takeaway? The more you know about upcoming developments, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions about your real estate investments. 


By strategically combining real estate knowledge with infrastructure insights, you’ll be well-positioned to select properties primed for value appreciation and strong rental potential. 

Invest the time in research, and you’ll be crafting a real estate portfolio strategically designed for long-term growth. Remember, knowledge is power in the property market, and infrastructure awareness can be your secret weapon.

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