Property Styling 101

No doubt you understand the importance of first impressions in personal or professional situations.

It’s been scientifically proven that it only takes people a few seconds to form an overall impression and judgment which sets the tone for everything else to follow. The same goes for properties!

People will get a gut feeling within the first few seconds of seeing a picture or entering a home.

When it comes to selling, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward and present the best version of your property to the market.

This is commonly referred to as styling or staging. You would have most likely seen staged homes in display villages or catalogues.


Staging, Not to Be Confused with Interior Design

Home staging shouldn’t be confused with interior design because the end goal of home staging is to prepare a property for sale.

Interior design is the process that leads to the creation of beautiful spatial solutions based on a solid knowledge of your personality and your design preferences. The end goal of interior design is to make your property more comfortable for your stay.

Property styling is the way to follow if you want to improve your home’s appeal. It is a service provided by professional home stylists or stagers who do everything to make your house better than they met it.

They eliminate the stress associated with the process of selling your house by using the necessary furniture and styling the properties effectively to maximize price.

They de-clutter your house, organize, repair, clean, and do a general analysis of things that require attention.

With their expertise, space is maximized, and the flow of the room is improved.

The scale of styling they do depends on what you want to achieve with your property. Some people desire only little cosmetic changes like one or two beautiful artworks or some sort of furniture to alter the atmosphere.

In empty properties, styling includes everything from small home accessories to huge furniture items.

Property stylists can improve the ambiance of your property by changing the position of some furniture, or completely removing some items to make the home more open and welcoming.

Don’t worry – this is not as costly as you think!

Professional styling and hire can cost from $1,500 for a one-bed apartment all the way up to $10,000 for a family home, however, there is a lot you can do so save money on styling.

Sometimes all you need are a few cost-effective decorator touches to highlight the best features of a property and distract from less appealing ones.


DIY Property Styling Tips

Before you bring in a stylish, do the groundwork.

De-clutter, clean and remove every unwanted object in the house that reduces its aesthetic brilliance.

Clear your kitchen and clear the benches inside.

If you want your potential buyers to have a feel of the house immediately, do away with family portraits and souvenirs and give the house a thorough cleaning afterwards.

Use a fresh coat of neutral paint that will be easy to work with and doesn’t turn off the buyer.

If there are parts of the house that is unfinished, finish them and make sure cracks are repaired.

Update your fixtures and hardware to provide modern appeal.

Mow your lawns and if you have trees and bushes around, trim them and clear the sidewalks.

Your garden should look presentable. Water it regularly. Plant fresh flowers with bright colours to attract and please the eyes.

Do away with any offensive smells – a great idea is to place some lime, ginger, and cinnamon in a bowl in a hot oven to provide a natural, gentle inviting smell to mask any unpleasant musty odors.

After you’re done with the groundwork and your stylist has worked their magic, you will need the services of a real estate photographer.

An expert in taking pictures will improve your property’s appeal among potential buyers. A staged home and perfect pictures will increase the crowd of potential buyers.

An increase in potential customers means you will sell your house quicker and maximize the price to the fullest.

You could expect to see a 7.5$ to a 12.5% increase in your final sale price if you follow through with property styling and presentation.


The Benefits of Using a Professional Stylist

The most obvious benefit of home styling is how it improves your properties appeal to the demographic you are targeting in the market. Other benefits are:

  • Expert Selections: Your house will have the touch of an expert throughout. Accessories, furniture, and decorations that blend with your house will be used, and this will attract more buyers.
  • It aids you in filling an empty home. Selling a home that has no furniture is difficult. With styling, you are adding warmth and excellent aesthetics. Potential buyers will be welcomed to a house with a beautiful atmosphere and not an empty shell.
  • Property styling is what stands you out from the competition. It is what makes you attractive to potential buyers, especially when you use a stylist that is known for signature quality.

The major drawback of property styling is that it is not cheap. The stylist, furniture, fittings, real estate photographer, among other things, will doubtlessly increase your budget. The cost depends on what you want and the stylist you choose.

Consider digital styling if you are on a tight budget. Here, a photographer uses the images of your home and virtual furniture to create a brilliant property. It only helps with digital listings, but every bit helps, especially if you want to sell an empty home.

Use the services of a stylist when necessary. There are times when styling your property is not worth the hassle.

A good example is when you are selling a property that is not expensive, like a one-bedroom unit located in a suburb. Of what use is spending thousands of dollars on this property?

The demographic you may be targeting is non-existent in that suburb, and when you do sell it, you will not get the price you want to achieve. Think well and do what you can. Don’t overshoot your budget by bringing in stylists unless necessary.

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