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Charley is lining up for a purchase in the range of $400,000 with an intention to create strong cash flow from this investment purchase in order to increase the serviceability for forthcoming properties. Whilst cash flow is a priority, equity is equally as important so that we can create extractable finance for future purchases when needed. We will be proceeding with this purchase on an 80% deposit to assist in faster extraction of the equity for this which Darren and Tim have discussed and agreed on.

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In proud partnership with Australia's top property economists, we formulate specific data reports based on our client's requirements and the markets we shop in. Our partners have been awarded the Innovation Patent in August 2016 for his invention of the Housing Market Prediction Solution, which predicts housing price changes at suburb level up to ten years into the future.

Our methodology aligns with a number of different driving factors. Some of these include government funding, economic uplifting projects, infrastructure introduction, flanking market affects and more. However, the underlying factors comes down to a couple of basic principals, supply and demand from population movement and demographic demand.

Targeting locations which will grow in value by understanding what these push and pull factors are, when they will occur and how long they are due to last is what allows us to make assumptions for strong market growth.

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