Understanding gentrification in regional and outer metro areas.

Personalised Strategies

Find out what your FPS profile looks like and how you should invest. Your profile is not the same as anyone else's and neither should your strategy be.

Possitive cashflow

Real success comes from properties which maintain themselves. Your self-sustaining portfolio is the key to health performance and financial support.

Partners & Planning

Property acquisition and finance need to align in the purchase need to align for the best possible result. We work closely with our finance partners to ensure the best outcome.

Strong Growth

High growth allows you to purchase properties which fund future investments. Don't save your salary, use your equity to capitalise and multiply your portfolio.

We are your nationwide scouts

With the nations best investment properties at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that our tailored approach is favoured by investors all around Australia and internationally. We are the portfolio growth experts, uts as simple as that.

Frequently asked questions

Our pricing structure is fixed at a set fee. We don’t believe in charging our clients a percentage based on the property value, we charge for the work involved, no matter the property price. We guarantee that your fees will be subsidised by the savings we negotiate in the purchase or by the saving in the market price.

We buy throughout Australia, however, every client is unique and therefore, so does their buying strategy need to be. We define locations by aligning your buying power and investment strategy with the right area for the maximum economic and market growth. Essentially, we buy in places based on your financial and/or personal requirements resulting in the highest growth possibly.

The short answer is nothing, you’re incredible and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. But, understanding what drives market growth, building a reputation in these areas, knowing what to look for in a property and what to avoid, being able to calculate influencing contributors and negotiating the right price, are just some of many crucial factors which take many years to consolidate in just the right way to get the best outcome which will potentially save you 10’s or 100’s of 1000’s of dollars and in turn, deliver you those huge profits you’re after.

And which market would that be? Look we get it, it’s a daunting thought separating with your deposit, but there are over 3000 suburbs which we monitor, of which 1/3rd of them are in rising markets. We further separate these markets into potential markets of interest and refine this data down to expose the true winners. At any given time we’re able to focus on 36 to 67 high performing suburbs and engage in them with the right strategies which they align themselves with. With this many options available, the answer is, “it is rising, you might just be looking in the wrong places”. Besides, whats better 0.25% interest in the bank, or 10% plus in property?

We are not just an investment buyers agent, we’re your partners in your portfolio growth. Our business is focused around buying cashflow positive income earing properties which grow in value, allowing us to extract that equity and profit, and use those funds in purchasing your next property, and the next, and the next. Our operation is transparent, you will have a login created for your access to our portal, which is where you can monitor the progress of your project and keep up to date every step of the way.

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Our clients say

"Had a lovely coffee meeting and catch up with Darren Venter from Strat Prop today. Darren is a buyers agent for clients buying investment properties and does a LOT of research into areas and the property for each client. A true professional and VERY knowledgeable:)"
Anita Leigh
"We are about to buy our 3rd property with Strat Prop and could would consider anyone else. Darren has been an asset to our portfolio's growth and has proven it worth 10 fold! Thank you Darren and the Strat Prop Team"
Hall Read
"We are currently purchasing a property with Darren Venter from Strat Prop. The amount of research blew myself and my partner away. Always professional and worth even just a chat with them"
Quintin Angus
"We must have interviewed 10 or more buyers agents and could not be happier with our decision. As an engineer, I like to know what's going on and be kept in the loop, the Strat Prop App kept us up to date the whole way through and Darren was extremely clear and concise about every operation. Transparency is the name of the game!"
Michael Bower
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