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So, we create and maintain teams in an extensive variety of technologies to provide the best possible options for customer-specific needs. We can create committed offshore software development team for both medium-scale and complex projects. Our offshore software development services and solutions combine sound business domain expertise and talent of top-notch developers to offer the finest products and results. Our experts use the newest software development methodologies and technologies to get quality, cost-effectiveness, and excellence to our projects. Rushkar is a pioneering offshore outsourcing software development company that offer reliable and long-term partnerships that innovate ideas into reality. We offer our services by blending cutting-edge technology with our strategic expertise that can fulfil different requirements of our clients.

First, Romanian software houses have a rich history in offshore software development. In addition, the country’s pool of IT specialists is large, highly skilled, and longing for challenges. Equally important are the country’s strong positions in various rankings and its rapidly improving infrastructure. Privacy compliance is vital when an outsourcing engagement involves building technology platforms that process personal data. Customers need to work with their vendors to incorporate privacy at the outset of the SDLC, rather than treat it as an afterthought. This privacy-by-design mindset results in end-products that respect individuals’ privacy out-of-the-box.

If the offshore software development firm does not have any physical presence in the U.S., the customer should include an arbitration clause. Arbitration provides the parties with a greater degree of flexibility and even facilitates expedited proceedings in certain countries. Further, most countries are party to the UN Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Since 2011, Altamira has cooperated with dozens of clients as an offshore software development partner. Here we collected the most impressive study cases of such projects. Traditionally, Asian companies dominated the market of outsourcing, with India being the most popular country to hire offshore dedicated developers.

Furthermore, Romania ranked 17th out of 100 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index, ahead of Switzerland and France. The second most popular foreign language in Romania is French, which follows English at a significant distance. As most Romanian developers work for international companies, they get many opportunities to enhance their linguistic abilities. Such companies request a moderate or high proficiency in English at employment. Since mastery of English is critical for successful https://globalcloudteam.com/ projects, a Romanian development partner is highly desirable. A glance at the top IT companies with offices in Romania suggests that Romanian software engineers are highly skilled.

The end-product will be nimbler and more adaptable to evolving privacy standards in new countries and markets. The GDPR also requires the parties to implement specific technical and organizational safeguards for data protection. Customers and vendors should invest time to determine where they should resolve disputes and the laws that should govern contracts.

Altamira works with the dedicated team model and offers full-packed crews of front- and back-end developers, QA engineers, business analysts, project managers, and designers. The average hourly rate of developers in the US and Western Europe stays between $50-200, so the companies want to find offshore developers that can offer lower prices. If you are cooperating with other offshore or outsourcing partners, for example, production companies or digital agencies, ask for advice.

Skilled Software Engineers For Offshore Software Development Projects

Furthermore, the EU recognized its strategic role in the union by allocating 30 billion EUR to Romania’s infrastructure and rural areas. This influx of capital will benefit all the economic sectors, including software development. Politically, Romania consolidated its democracy over more than 30 years. In short, the power regularly shifts from liberals to conservatories, without any of the main parties gaining complete control over the parliament. We now enjoy a stable, strong, and modern business and political environment.

Companies can be sure that a long-time partner will be there to cover them and guide them through new projects. You are already attuned to each other, expectations are clear and every new collaboration is a well-known path. Modern technologies showed a wide range of new opportunities for business in any field. Directories always fight for the quality of the data they provide, so they are bound to double-check and verify all the info the companies share. Clutch, for example, even conducts phone interviews with clients who want to leave a review.. Their customer service staff is responsive and their development team is very knowledgeable.

  • You also learned of your main benefits from offshore software development.
  • Besides, offshoring gives you access to mature processes and secure data and engineers with strong linguistic and communication skills.
  • In today’s data-driven world, customers need to share with vendors an increasing amount of sensitive information to achieve their outsourcing goals.
  • Our engineers also share religion and pastime activities with the Western World.
  • Customers should take a security-by-design approach in vetting and engaging vendors throughout the software development lifecycle .
  • Our offshore software development services and solutions combine sound business domain expertise and talent of top-notch developers to offer the finest products and results.

We pride ourselves in staying abreast on industry trends and have over 10 years of experience. Romania’s time zone is ideal for companies on the East Coast of the USA and in Western Europe. The overlap during regular business hours is two or three hours with Eastern USA and six or seven hours with countries in Western Europe.

Offshore Webdevelopment

Such engineers can efficiently work with companies from the Western US. In contrast, early risers are perfect for clients from Australia and New Zealand. As most Romanian providers of offshore software development offer flexible schedules to their employees, you will most likely find the right partner for your company. Just keep in mind that you need at least one hour of overlap each day for the SCRUM meeting.

To further set up the engagement for success, customers must treat vendor management as a year-round risk mitigation process for competitive advantage. We have developers who focus on technology, flexibility, collaboration, high-quality results, and constant improvements. The assigned software developer will comfortably work as your own employee. Therefore, whether you have your team or plan to hire more software developers, our developer will happily work as your employee. You can try Google, social media, GitHub, and tech directories like Clutch to find offshore companies. If you have partners in related fields, like digital or design agencies, you may ask them for a suggestion.

Advantages Of Our Offshore Development Services

It might be a challenge to narrow it down to one team, as you need to find the one that is a professional and cultural fit. Our quality management systems and proven development procedures help minimize the risks involved in any offshore project development. We won’t include any 3rd party management layer between your developer/team and you.

We are well versed in offshore front-end development including, Angular JS Development, Backbone JS Development, Node JS Development, Bootstrap Development. These markets offer quality development with moderate prices, quality development, flexible and easy-going people that also usually have good English proficiency. Overall, these make Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Romania so appealing for US companies.

Offshore Software Development

In short, people from a Romanian IT company will behave very much like those in your country. Latin America is one of the most popular offshoring destinations for North America. It’s cheaper, it is situated in the same time zones, it’s closer than any other region we are talking about here, and it also has a big number of experts in the IT field. Developers here aren’t known for strict discipline, so you may encounter a lot of missed deadlines and disorganization in processes. Offshore developers are usually interested in new projects, so it won’t be hard to find dozens of possible options for you.

Technologies Our App Developers Use

Unsurprisingly, niche technologies caught the attention of many talented Romanian engineers. Thus, Romania is home to experts in AI, Python, and Kotlin, among others. Low-code programming on platforms like SalesForce Lightning and Google App Maker has also gained popularity in Romania. Relying on offshore software development means less time invested in internal processes. Thus, you will no longer worry about recruitment, training, and certifications.

Offshore Software Development

Nothing can be better than getting a review from our happy clients who recommend us and trust us their business. Therefore, the need for skilled offshore programmers in advanced tech is growing, reflecting the global trend. Our company stands for excellence always and deliver top class Software Products.

Offshore Software Development services is a process that involves outsourcing digital services to companies overseas. These reasons and more make offshore software development companies attractive to companies around the globe. As an offshore development company,we provide resources for individuals looking to seamlessly integrated IT personnel with their existing in-house team. Or build a dedicated team from scratch who will provide offshore development from India. Rushkar works as an offshore software development centre for different industries and domains.

Technologies We Use For Offshore Development

For example, if you need to create a custom ERP or upgrade your current POS to a new level, then a dedicated team is the right choice for you. There are a lot of aspects to consider while you are choosing the country to hire offshore developers. Learn why offshore software development in Romania can have a strong positive impact on your project.

Our offshore support and maintenance team delivers comprehensive support for website, mobile applications, Odoo implantation and upgrades. High quality is our top priority, for we are customer driven, knowledgeable and dedicated. No need to worry about bugs, configuration, management or product enhancements, we have you covered. We are an interactive, reliable company that provides 24/7 support to our customers. The article presented a few reasons to choose Romania for your next offshore software development project.

Our Offshore Software Development Process

We deliver every project as per the international standards and best practices of the industry. However, using these sources will help you to have a wide list of potential partners whom you will be able to research further and contemplate their case studies and reviews. We use flexible development models always to What is Offshore Software Development prioritize actions according to our clients requirements. Our employee confidentiality contracts and NDAs ensure that your project is fully protected. Matched with engineers experienced in HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, CMS, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, WordPress, Joomla, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Apache, and IIS web servers.

Importance Of Offshore Partner Expertise

So, you decided it’s time to cooperate with offshore software developers. How to ensure that the cooperation will bring the result you are expecting? Each project is quality driven and developed aligning with the latest quality standards and best coding practices. We offer a range of offshore quality control and testing services for small businesses to fortune 500 companies.

We are highly skilled in offering offshore software development services and solutions with quality compliance. In this fast changing business world, our offshore software solutions can help you ramp up your business performance levels to attain your business goals. When you hire an offshore development, team make sure you hire someone who clearly understands your business and goals. You also learned of your main benefits from offshore software development. Thus, offshoring to Romania means access to specialists and a short time to market.

With over 120,000 outstanding developers and a constant inflow of new talent, Romania covers diverse needs for software projects. Thus, you can easily find specialists that master the latest technologies and understand your business. Despite the high demand for quality software developers, companies like ZYNK can staff your project with outstanding specialists. Yes, it might be too obvious, and hence you may think that it is meaningless but through basic search requests, you can reach strong offshore developers. Try keywords like “hire offshore developers” or “offshore software developers”, and Google will bring you dozens of websites with the relevant IT outsourcing vendors. Probably, you will also find some blog posts or listings of the best offshore developers that are also worth looking at.

Simply put, the quality of the technical pool in Romania is as impressive as its volume. Ratings published by various organizations support this statement. In Romania, you will find world-class coders in mainstream, niche, and emerging programming languages. Languages like Java and C# are the most popular for Web application development. You will also find in Romania excellent developers for native and cross-platform mobile solutions.

Besides, offshoring gives you access to mature processes and secure data and engineers with strong linguistic and communication skills. Furthermore, you would enjoy a healthy time zone overlap and high cultural fit from your Romanian partner. Finally, the country has an excellent economic and geopolitical outlook. The breadth and depth of expertise of an offshore software development company can greatly exceed yours. Thus, the partner will give you access to specialists exposed to diverse projects and technologies.

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