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Targeting locations which will grow in value by understanding what these push and pull factors are, when they will occur and how long they are due to last is what allows us to make assumptions for strong market growth.

Our methodology aligns with a number of different driving factors. Some of these include government funding, economic uplifting projects, infrastructure introduction, flanking market affects and more. However, the underlying factors comes down to a couple of basic principals, supply and demand from population movement and demographic demand.

In proud partnership with Australia's top property economists. We formulate specific data reports based on our client's requirements and the markets we shop in. Our partners have been awarded the Innovation Patent Housing Market Prediction Solution, which predicts housing price changes at suburb level up to ten years into the future.


The Moreton Bay Region is a diverse area, spanning more than 2,037 square kilometres and boasting everything from rural townships and urban centres to coastal villages and thriving business precincts.

Located between Brisbane City and the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay is one of Australia’s fastest growing urban regions with its population forecast to grow by over 40 percent to more than 645,000 by 2036.

Moreton Bay has a strong and connected community that enjoys the benefits of close proximity to the Brisbane CBD and a lifestyle that’s second to none.

The region offers some of South East Queensland’s premier waterfront locations, pristine environmental areas, vibrant entertainment options and thriving cultural and community hubs. Residents enjoy access to award-winning medical, commercial, leisure, entertainment and residential precincts.

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Economic Development Action Plan

Moreton Bay Region's Economic Development Action Plan 2017-2022 provides a much-needed platform and consolidated strategy to bring together existing and planned activities that support council's economic development focus.

Regional Economic Development Strategy

The Regional Economic Development Strategy 2020-2041 (REDS) provides the blueprint for Council, industry and the business community to collaboratively build a $40 billion economy by attracting and generating 100,000 new jobs for the Moreton Bay region by 2041.

Economic Forecast

Significant property development and land release will continue to create demand for businesses wanting to establish a base to service local, state, national and international markets.

The region is home to leading manufacturers in construction, machinery, agribusiness and beyond. Moreton Bay currently provides access to local jobs for 66% of working residents.

Economically influencing projects

Bruce Hwy upgrade, Caboolture-Bribie Island roads interchange to Steve Irwin Way
VALUE: $662 million; 11km upgraded to 6 lanes

STATUS: Completed.

IMPACT: Needed to service strong population rises in the northern growth corridor
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