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Daniela and Will are a referral through Emily Wallace

They are looking to buy a PPOR for $1.1m. But now looking to go down the rentvesting path

They have approx $800 000 to Invest. Would like to buy 3-4 properties



Targeting locations which will grow in value by understanding what these push and pull factors are, when they will occur and how long they are due to last is what allows us to make assumptions for strong market growth.

Our methodology aligns with a number of different driving factors. Some of these include government funding, economic uplifting projects, infrastructure introduction, flanking market affects and more. However, the underlying factors comes down to a couple of basic principals, supply and demand from population movement and demographic demand.

In proud partnership with Australia's top property economists. We formulate specific data reports based on our client's requirements and the markets we shop in. Our partners have been awarded the Innovation Patent Housing Market Prediction Solution, which predicts housing price changes at suburb level up to ten years into the future.

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The City of Onkaparinga is located on the southern fringe of Adelaide, South Australia. It is named after the Onkaparinga River, whose name comes from Ngangkiparinga, a Kaurna word meaning women’s river.

The city of Onkaparinga is largely supported by the economic stimulus and employment growth, that is found in the Marion LGA, which is the neighbouring local government area. However, house prices around Marion council which are similar in profile, range from 20% to 50% more than what can be found in Onkaparinga, which in areas is considered to hold similar amenity profiles to that of Marian’s LGA.

With more affordable housing and similar profiles, we are experiencing a large amount of movement into these markets where housing and accommodation is far more affordable. This encourages families and homebuyers too live more comfortably creating positive lifestyle and gentrifying markets.

Economic development activities have buoyed the property market – rents are rising, yields are good and vacancy rates are extremely low, providing opportunities for entry-level investors attracted by the affordable house prices and high rental returns.

Market Performance Over 1 Year

Long Term Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is a roadmap that shows how the suite of plans provide strategic direction and operational focus to ensure that goals and outcomes are achieved in the most effective and efficient way.

Onkaparinga Now

In Onkaparinga Now you’ll find the latest council news, lifestyle and environment stories, and feature articles on community members and local businesses.

City Profile

The City of Marion Community Profile provides demographic analysis for the City and smaller areas within it based on results from the 2016, 2011, 2006, 2001, 1996 and 1991 Censuses of Population and Housing.


Market Conditions

23.4% median market growth in 1 year

The markets movement over the past year, paired with supportive driving data shows us there is good growth to come. 

The current rental yield in the market is 4.91%

As we are looking for a positively geared property, yielding will need to be considered. We can expect this to rise due to the supporting data.

Days on market since January 2021 is 23 days.

A reduction in days on markets indicates that pent up demand is causing property in the areas to sell at vendors expectations, which empowers the local property economy.

The number of new listings has increased by 57.6% in the last year

The increase of new listings coming onto onto the market shows that vendors are wanting a piece of the action and are willing to gauge the market.

Stock on market has increased by 45.1% over the last year

As vendors begin to realise the markets potential, savvy owners are putting their properties on the market to get in on the action. This is expected to turn in the next 4 to 6 month as values rise.

Economically influencing projects

Northern Connector Project

Value: $985 million One of 7 road projects to connect Gawler to Old Noarlunga

Status: Completed The Northern Connector opened to traffic in March 2020

Impact: Jobs: 480 during construction A 15km six-lane motorway

Kings Aviation Centre

Value: $200 million

Status: Under construction Completion due 2021

Impact: A 36ha commercial and industrial park for aviation-related activities

Gawler Rail Line Upgrade & Electrification

Value: $615 million

Status: Under construction Completion expected in 2021

Impact: Jobs: 135 The Gawler line from Adelaide to Salisbury will be electrified

Project Sentinel

Value: $1 billion

Status: Under construction Completion due 2021

Impact: A 12-year project for Australian Customs’ Coastwatch program

Raaf Base Edinburgh Upgrades

Value: $660 million

Status: Under construction

Impact: Jobs: 70 Includes a new Boeing training simulator system

Parafield Airport Expansion (District Outlet Centre) The Devwest Group

Value: $50 million

Status: Deferred Delayed because of Covid-19

Impact: Jobs: 750 A new enterprise precinct and 200,000 extra flights a year

Raytheon Australia’s Centre for Joint Integration, Mawson Lakes

Value: $2.5 billion A production facility for an air defence missile system

Status: Under construction

Impact: Jobs: 200 during construction; 300 operational Raytheon Australia’s Centre for Joint Integration, Mawson Lakes

Healthia, New Medical Hub Next to Lyell Mcewin Hospital, Elizabeth Vale ACH Group

Value: $100 million Includes health services, education, training and social housing

Status: Proposed

Impact: Jobs: 688 construction; 150 operational

Lyell Mcewin Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment

Value: $58 million

Status: Under construction

Lionsgate Business Park, Elizabeth (The Pelligra Group)

Value: $250 million Re-development of the former Holden manufacturing site

Status: Under construction

Impact: Jobs: 400 during construction To be developed into a high-tech manufacturing hub

High Performance Computer Centre, Edinburgh Defence Science and Technology Site

Value: $70 million

Status: Approved

Impact: Jobs: 100

Sa Produce Market Expansion, Pooraka

Value: $47 million

Status: Under construction

Delorean Energy Waste to Energy Plant, Edinburgh

Value: $33 million

Status: Approved Expected to be operational in 2021

Irrigation Scheme: Bolivar to Adelaide Plains

Value: $266 million Federal Govt is funding $156mil, State Govt $110mil

Status: Under construction

Impact: Jobs: 3,700 Economic benefit $500 million per year

Penfield Urban Development (AV Jennings)

Value: $700 million

Status: Under construction Completion due 2024

Impact: 1,900 dwellings and two commercial centres are planned

Blakeview Urban Development Stage 2 (Blakes Crossing) Lendlease

Value: $750 million

Status: Under construction

Impact: A town centre and 1,500 houses are Planned

Blakeview West Urban Development

Value: $500 million 99ha of residential Development

Status: Proposed

Blakeview East Urban Development (Fairmont Group JV Land M’ment Corp)

Value: $500 million

Status: Under construction Completion due 2022

Impact: 1,700 homes are planned

Manufacturing Facility, Edinburgh Veroguard

Value: $58 million

Status: Under construction

Impact: Jobs: 600

Helping Hand Aged Care Centre, Ingle Farm

Value: $10 million

Status: Approved

St Basil’s Homes Aged Care, Salisbury Plain

Value: $23 million

Status: Proposed


5 Concord Drive Old Reynella SA 5161

Property details




Asking Price

Target Price

Potential Rent

Potential Yield



$470 p/w

4.99% Gross

Where is this Property?

ComparAtive properties

$ 600,000
13 Jan 2022
$ 630,000
7 Dec 2021
$ 668,000
1 Oct 2021

What should i know about this property?

Are there easements on the property?

there are no easements on the property

Easements are areas which need to be accessible by council or anyone with a right to access a portion or part of land. An easement could be related to sewage piping, gas lines or electrical works.

Is the property located in a flood zone?
The property does not fall within flood lines.

Flood zones can be determined from river flood lines. In areas where the terrain is fairly flat and river banks overflow, properties which fall within these catchments may warrant higher insurance costs.

Is the property correctly zoned?
Development Zone: Residential

Building and council regulation states that the dwelling on top of the land needs to be classified correctly for the type of structure that it is.

Is the property in adequate condition?
YES, please see the photos in the listing

In communications with the listing agent, he/she has confirmed the condition of the property is as the listing shows. This will be verified by our team in the steps moving forward.  

What are the council rates for the property?
Approximately $3,300 yearly

Council rates are paid by the owners and fund council work and operations. Generally, the smaller the population and larger the council, the higher the fee is.

What is the cost for building insurance?
Approximately $1,200 per year

In most states, building and landlord insurance is required to by the buyer one the property’s contract has been signed and exchanged. The fee above is an average for the building insurance only.

How many days has this property been on market?
This property was listed 24/01/2022

There are 3 types of listing stages:

On-market, this is found on major portals
Off-market, this is for sale, but with the listing agency only
Pre-market, this has been presented to us outside of the public

When was the property Built?
The property was built in 1989

The build year should be considered when purchasing properties of different structure types. The price of the property can be reflective of the build year vs the structure type. Some structure types age better than others. At a certain price point, it is worth remembering that land is the appreciating asset, while the dwelling is the depreciating asset.

Is the property leased, if so until when?
the property is vacant

Tenure renewals dates need to be considered in rising markets. If the market is rising, your ability to increase rental rates will only be possible at the time the tenants lease period renews.

What are the lease rates associated?
CAN BE RENTED FOR $470 per week

Lease renewal rates cannot be changed inside of lease periods, for the benefit of the tenant. 

Why is this a good option?

Please make sure to go though all the details and get back to us as soon as possible

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