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Sam and Alicia are keen to kick things off in the right direction and have partnered with us to do so. In their best effort to save, they have decided to move back home which will help them get into a position for their first deposit. Sam, being in the trades as a plumber, has requested that we consider the electrical and plumbing systems and setups of the property we propose. We’re excited to help our new member kick their portfolios off with a bang.

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In proud partnership with John Lindeman, arguably Australias top property economist, we formulate specific data reports based on our client's requirements and the markets we shop in. John was awarded an Innovation Patent in August 2016 for his invention of the Housing Market Prediction Solution, which predicts housing price changes at suburb level up to ten years into the future.

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Rockhampton region

Rockhampton and its property market has been largely unaffected by the pandemic and indeed has benefited from the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle which has been enhanced by the virus lockdown phases. These attributes, plus a roll-out of numerous major construction projects, is turning Rockhampton into a magnet for southern migrants and first-home buyers. 

Property prices have been rising throughout 2020 but remain highly affordable and vacancies are tight – mostly below 0.5%. 

Rockhampton’s diverse economy is being boosted by the resources sector with construction of the Adani coal mine well under way. In the last 12 months, contracts totaling $1.5 billion have been awarded to local operators. Other projects lifting the economy include the transformation of the CBD,  upgrades totaling $1 billion to major transport routes, the $2.5 billion redevelopment of the Australia-Singapore Military Training centre at Shoalwater Bay and the emergence of new industrial estates. 

Considered the ‘Beef Capital’ of Australia, Rockhampton is also the gateway to Capricorn Coast tourist attractions and a centre for manufacturing, mining and the military. 

Overall, Rockhampton presents as an affordable market with good growth prospects. The Queensland Infrastructure Plan published by the State Government nominates  Rockhampton as the primary service centre for Central Queensland (with Gladstone as the industrial hub). Overall, Rockhampton presents as an affordable market with good growth prospects.


Market Conditions

10.5% median value growth in 1 year

The markets movement over the past year, paired with supportive driving data shows us there is good growth to come. In the last quarter the market has risen significantly and will continue to.

Decrease of - 28.4% DOM over the year displays an increase in buyers sentiment

The fall in days on market (DOM) shows that market conditions are heating up which will result in market buyers seeing the potential in the market.

-3.24% vendor discounting shows us an understanding of the market's performance

As properties begin to grow in value, vendors are realising the interest in the market and discounting less and negotioations begin to tighten up.

The current rental yield in the market is 6.93%

As we are looking for a possitively geared property, yielding will need to be considered. We can expect this to rise due to the supporting data.

The number of new listings has increased by 1.9% in the last year

The increasing number of listing tells us that this markets has not yet met its full growth potential. Once listings start to reduce, demand will increase and competition will drive price further.

Stock on market has increased by 6.1% over the last year

As vendors begin to realise the markets potential, savvy owners are putting thier properties on the market to get in on the action. This is expected to turn in the next 4 to 6 month as values rise. 

Market Performance Over 1 YeaR

Forecasting Reports

The Rockhampton region will be experiencing large demographic movement until 2036 and beyond. With a vacancy shortage, market demand is expected to rise

Infrustructure Profile

The Rockhampton region has large amounts of infrustructure propjects in place to support economic growth

2015 Futures Report

The current population of 78,600 is expected to rise to between 118,000-130,000. An potential 65% rise, or 4.3% per year

Economically influencing projects

Central Qld Coal Project ineralogy (Clive Palmer)

TBA: 2 open-cut coal mines 


Jobs: 275 during construction; 500 operational 

Raglan solar farm, Bouldercombe Eco Energy World



Would power 60,000 homes

Mount Morgan Gold - Copper Project Carbine Resources

$80 million. A former mine would be resurrected and a new plant built


Jobs: 180

Integrated Wind, Solar & Battery Power Station - Lacour Energy

$1.5 billion

Approved Construction to begin in 2021

Jobs: 350 during construction; 25 operational Would power 590,000 homes

Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade

$157 million

Under construction

Completion expected in 2021

Jobs: 400

The Highway will be duplicated, allowing for increased traffic

Rockhampton Ring Road State Govt

$1 billion. The Federal Govt will fund $800mil; 

State Govt $200mil


Construction is expected to begin in 2022

Jobs: 800

A 18km bypass will link Yeppen Round about to Parkhurst

Capricorn Highway— Rockhampton to Gracemere Duplication

$75 million the Federal Govt will fund $60mil; State Govt $15mil

Under construction Completion is expected in 2021

Jobs: 180

The 4-lane highway will increase capacity and reduce travel times

Rockhampton Airport Terminal Upgrade

$41 million

Under construction

Improved security and upgraded lounges

North Coast rail line upgrade Rockhampton - Townsville State Govt

$100 million

Under construction

Completion expected in 2021

Jobs: 300

Eight extra passing loops will allow freight

trains to increase carrying capacity

Rookwood Bridge upgrade

$13 million

Under construction

The new bridge will prepare the way for

the construction of Rookwood Weir

Rookwood Weir Project Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater

$495 million. Funded 50/50 by the Federal and State Govts


Jobs: 150

Expand irrigated agricultural production

Capricornia Correction Centre Expansion

$240 million

Under construction

Jobs: 172 during construction

Will create 348 extra cells

New art gallery and cultural precinct devt, 212–214 Quay St State And local govt

$36 million

Under construction

Completion due in 2021

Jobs: 170 during construction

South Rockhampton Flood Levy



Awaiting funding

Jobs: 185

Would protect 1,500 residential, commercial, industrial and rural parcels of land

Capricorn Integrated Resort Iwasaki Sangyo Co (Aust)

$600 million. 300-room resort, air strip, 8,000 dwellings and wagyu cattle farm


Jobs: 8,500 over 20 years; 2,160 operational

Great Keppel Island resort development

$2 billion. Includes 1,300 holiday units, a hotel, marina, retail, golf course and airstrip


Jobs: 6,000 during construction; 1,500 operational

Industry Park, Gracemere Industrial Area

$75 million

Under construction

25ha of industrial premises

Stockland Rockhampton shopping centre upgrade

$45 million



An application for a dept store is in addition

to the approval to extend the cinemas and entertainment precinct

Bouldercombe substation upgrade

$49 million

Under construction

Completion expected in 2023

Jobs: 112

Aging power infrastructure will be replaced

Kinka Shores housing estate, Kinka Beach

$350 million


Jobs: 200

900 homes, school, retail centre, offices

Ellida residential development, Parkhurst

$575 million


2,350 homes

Sea Haven Estate, Yepoon



120 homes

The Pines residential development, Yeppoon

$500 million. A master-planned community

Under construction


Jobs: 500 during construction

Will house 3,000 people

our suggested Property

113 Abby Drive, Gracemere Qld 4702

Property details




Asking Price

Market Value

Potential Rent

Potential Yield



$440 p/w

7.3% Gross

Where is this Property

Why is this a good option?

What should i know about this property?

Are there easements on the property?

There is an easement on the front border of the property.

Easements are areas which need to be accessible by council or other similar authority figures. An easement could be related to sewage piping, gas lines or electrical works.

does the property fall in flood lines?

No, the property is not in flood lines.

Flood zones are caused by obvious causes. In areas where the terrain is fairly flat and river banks overflow, properties which fall within these catchments warrant higher insurance costs. 

Is the property correclty zoned?

Land Use: Single-Unit Dwelling

Building and council regulation states that the dwelling on top of the land needs to be classified correctly for the type of structure that it is.

Are there any caveats on the property?

No caveats are noted on the file.

A caveat is a ruling or law attached to the property, usually with a contract attached to it. If this is the case, the caveat needs to be understood as to what it is, who it benefits and when or if it expires. 

Are we satisfied with the property's title?

Waiting for more info

The initial property title search shows a number of legal details, namely the lender, registered owner, administrative advice and more.

Are all council costs paid to date?

There are no records of outstanding council cost.

Outstanding council costs can come form CDC or DA work that has been put in action on the property. It could also come from maintenance charges and similar services.

Is the property in adequate condition?

Yes, the listing agent feels the photos represent and display failry.

In communications with the listing agent, he/she has confirmed the condition of the property is as the listing shows. This will be verified by our team in the steps moving forward.  

What are the council rates for the property?

$1,300 per half-year.

Council rates are paid by the owners and fund council work and operations. Generally, the smaller the population and larger the council, the higher the fee is.

What are the landlord insurance cost?

The approximate costs are $1,040 per unit per year.

Landlord insurance is an compulsory free for the possession of a tenanted investment property. 

how many days has this property been on market?

This property is off the market. We have learned about availability through industry connections.

There are 3 types of listing stages:

  1. On-market, this is found on major portals
  2. Off-market, this is for sale, but with the listing agent only
  3. Pre-market, this has been presented to us outside of the public

None of these types of listing types define the quality of the property.

When was the property Built?

Property was built in 2009. Agent has noted PVC sewerage piping.

The build year should be considered when purchasing properties of different structure types. The price of the property can be reflective of the build year vs the structure type. Some structure types age better than others. At a certain price point, it is worth remembering that land is the appreciating asset, while the dwelling is the depresiationg asset and can be reflective in the age of the property. 

When are the lease renewal dates?

Property is not tenanted at the moment.

Tenure renewals dates need to be considered in rising markets. If the market is rising, your ability to increase rental rates will on be possible at the time the tenants lease period has come to an end. 

What are the lease rates associated?

$440 per week

Lease renewal rates cannot be changed inside of lease periods, for the benefit of the tenant. 

What to expect



Based on the data available to us, and understanding how this effects market conditions, with the assistance of accurate market predictions and analysis with our economis partner John Lindeman, the displayed figures are reflective of the expected returns over 10 years, based on the current forcasting conditions.

Please make sure to go though all the details and get back to us as soon as possible

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