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Cavell Cooper

With a career spanning over a decade in all facets of property management Cavell’s depth of experience is only rivalled by his infectious energy and humour. His drive to achieve the maximum rent for his clients is unrivalled as are his results.

Unlike many other Business Development and Leasing Managers, Cavell has over a decade of hands on experience in property management, not just sales talk giving him a huge technical advantage over others.

One of the most important skill-sets Cavell possesses is really something that cannot be taught – phenomenal gut instinct and judgement in picking the best tenants. If you ask Cavell where things go wrong with many investment properties it all begins at the leasing stage when a completely disinterested letting agent is too busy playing on their phone rather than engaging and vetting potential tenants to find the best – and avoid the worst!

33 Birchgrove Crescent, Kallangur, Qld 4503

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